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Microsoft 365

Ever wished that you have more disk space for your email account? With Exchange Online that comes with the subscription of Microsoft 365, you get your very own 50GB of email disk space in the cloud. No longer do you need to share email storage space with your colleagues.

Furthermore, you get an additional 50GB of email archive disk space. Higher plans give you 1TB of email archive storage space. This means that you may never have to delete any email again.

Get 1TB of file storage in the cloud with OneDrive for Business. Easily share files to your customers or contacts. You can even allow editing of the files in your OneDrive, making collaboration more efficient.

Don’t have your laptop with you on the road? Not to worry. Email and files can be accessed from almost any smartphone or tablet. You can be anywhere at anytime and still be able to do your work.

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Make A Name Online

A custom domain name is necessary to help your customers find you, and for credibility online. We offer a large selection of domains at competitive prices, from generic, to country code, to brand new Top Level Domains (TLDs). Secure your domain name now before someone else gets it.

Tired of getting vast amounts of spam emails in your inbox? Subscribe to our Cloud Hosted Anti-Spam service, powered by SpamExperts, to add a protective layer of filter to your email flow. Reduce the time lost in dealing with spam to a minimum to allow your users to fully concentrate on their business tasks.

Add redundancy to your email. When your mail server is unreachable, our filtering systems will queue the inbound emails and even let you preview the email messages via our browser based interface during the downtime.

With the archiving feature, you can re-deliver emails to your inbox should you accidentally delete them.

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